Uganda Cycling Association(UCA) will issue an International License to members in accordance with the rules of the Union International Cycliste (UCI).  The UCI’s rules for licenses can be found in Chapter 1 of the UCI General Organization of Cycling as a Sport.

An International License may be issued  by the UCA to any UCA member who is a full-time resident of Uganda.  Full-time in Uganda East African National/Foreign students/riders/members studying in the one of the East African countries should apply to the respective East African country federation for a license.  Uganda National students/riders who are UCA members studying in countries abroad can receive a UCA international license but may elect to obtain one through the respective country federation where they are studying. Under no circumstances may a cyclist hold an international license from more than one country at a time.

License fees payable to UCA.

These are categorised into Club License Fees and Member/Rider License Fees.

Please write to the Membership/Competition Secretary for the upto date License Fees.

Please note Club License fees, are independent of the Member/Rider License fees.

To get a License you must be a Member of a Licensed and Registered UCA Club.

The Club must have cleared the Club Membership Fees for the specific year in which the Member is seeking a License.

The license will be valid for the calendar year in which it is issued and all licenses will expire on December 31st of the year in which it is issued.

Requirements for UCI License

A valid initial request for an International License for a UCA member must include the following:

License Request/Renewal Form with Full name.
Evidence of citizenship (copy of passport)/Uganda National ID
Address of residence.
Proof of health insurance/travel insurance (copy of valid insurance policy from Insurance Company)
ID-type photograph (May be emailed to Membership/Competition Secretary).
Local racing category.
Appropriate fee (see above).
Instructions as to where license is to be left for collection.

Complete and send this email to the Membership Secretary or print it off and drop it off at the Kampala Head Office.

After the first year an International License is issued by the UCA, evidence of citizenship may not be required unless there is a change of citizenship as per UCI rule 1.1.03.

2018 License Registration Open
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