Organised by Kampala Cycling Academy, the fastest bike messenger company of Kampala, the Tour de Feminine was the first Calendar race which launched the UCA 2018 Calendar from 26th -28th January 2018 on the Uganda Cycling Association Calendar.

Asked when the calendar 2018 will be launched, the President of Uganda Cycling Association,Sam Muwonge, said, ‘I believe that the first race on the Calendar can also work as a Calendar launch”.

About the Tour de Feminine.

Being the first all-female race of the UCA Calendar ever and the first all-female tour in the History of Africa, comprising of both competitive girls and women and recreational (although men are welcome too!) for all fun and lovers of the Iron Horse, registrations for the Tour started from 7am to 8am at the Kasubi Kampala Cycling office around Kasubi Tombs,attracting over 500 female and women riders of all ages and categories, observers and lovers of the cycling sport from all over East Africa registering for the 2 day tour.

With 4 different types of registration(gold,silver, bronze), the race saw female riders from Kasubi to Wakiso, then Wakiso to Kapeeka and Kapeeka to Masindi a total distance of 65km per day with resting and lodging after stage completion. The first 100 participants registered got free bike repairs for free at the Kampala cycling for a year. A medical attendant was present during the entire race with an emergency medical car if a rider got tired and could not ride anymore.

Switzerland’s World Alley Cat Champion won the overall while Uganda women team captain Ayebale Marion took 2nd and Ugandan  female Champion Nazziwa Hadijjah placed 3nd.

When asked about whether he will organize the next Tour de Feminine next 2019, Yusufu Mbaziira, the Manager of Kampala Cycling who is also the General Secretary of Uganda Cycling Association said,”It is going to be bigger and better, every year as we advocate to have more ladies compete in the sport and represent us more, not only in Kampala, but all regions in Uganda, East Africa and Africa. Cycling is a growing sport for all genders, and more especially for women.

Asked about what he thought ,while officiating as the guest of honour of the tour de Feminine , the president of Uganda Cycling Association, Sam Muwonge said,’’I am more than happy to see these ladies come out to enjoy the sport, I always encourage all lovers of the sport especially women to join cycling clubs and also new and upcoming members to come and register, cycling is a sport for all.Please ladies do not hesitate to come and register your clubs and members.”

Uganda Cycling Launches 2018 Calendar with First All Female Tour de Feminine.

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