The Challenges So far

No sport is without challenges.The following are some of the main challenges in the sport.

Government involvement.

In Uganda like many sub Saharan African countries, sports are usually not so much funded by the government. Yet the opportunities they offer should the athletes succeed outweigh the challenges of sponsorship and the athlete is always sure to be representing the country.


In Uganda most cyclists depend on the bulk of their day jobs and not the sport for sustainability .The sport is enjoyed and loved by many,but the few who do it as a job in and around the different regional and national academies and clubs either depend mostly on training learners, repairs shops parts sales and repairs or adding value to the services of offering delivery services as a means of gaining earnings from it.

The sport is lucrative to promoters and brand managers as they can earn from sponsorship of the teams, through branding and sponsorship packages, either to the National Team, the

Different National Clubs of Cycling as a whole.
This is the most known source of Funding and Sponsorship as most sponsors at least get a return on there investments through the different events they sponsor.


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