Affliated to Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), Confederation of African Cycling (CAC) the Uganda National Council of Sports, the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda, and known as the only recognized and registered cycling body responsible for the Cycling sport in Uganda, the Uganda Cycling Association is mandated with the responsibility of promoting, advancing and development of the cycling sport in Uganda and the East African region.

Executive Committee (EC) Elected every 4 years through the General Assembly and Headed by the President,who currently is Mr. Sam Muwonge (Mahaba),the EC Comprises of 9 cabinet Members.These cabinet Members are elected who elected into office by the National Cycling Clubs which constitute of over 50 clubs nationwide. The following are the 9 Members who the current EC Members elected in February 2017.

  1. President – Mr. Sam Muwonge
  2. Vice President – Mr. Richard Sseninde
  3. General Secretary – Mr. Yusufu Mbaziira
  4. Assistant Secretary – Ms. Juliet Namatovu
  5. Publicity Secretary – Mr. Augustine Mugomba
  6. Competition Secretary – Mr. Moses Mubiru
  7. Welfare Secretary – Mr. Richard Twahire
  8. Secretary for Women – Ms. Janat K. Naluyinda Mahaba
  9. Treasurer – Mr. James Mugisha

Regional Committee Members(RCs)
The following are the Regional Members who are part of current EC Members elected in February 2017.
Regional Members oversee Regional Cycling Activities and Events in the different Regions

  1. Committee Member – Mr. John Obbo
  2. Committee Member – Ms. Marion Ayebale
  3. Committee Member – Mr. Steven Nyatibo
  4. Committee Member – Member Decesased,Replacement to be Elected in Bye-Election.

The Board of Trustees

Mandated  and entrusted with the responsibility of safe guarding and safe keeping of the Cycling Sport’s and Uganda Cycling core values and mission in check, the Board of Trustees is the final go to body within the organization that resolves intra issues where a consensus  on matters of the sport and the organization of Uganda Cycling cannot be reached.
The Board does not have powers to and does not vote in the General Assembly and is not involved with any day to day activity of the organization.
Its main responsibility is the oversight and administration of the Executive Committee and the Regional Committee Members as mandated with their respective responsibilities given to them by the Constitution.
The Board of Trustees is only known to the current elected Executive Committee and the Regional Committee Members.

The General Assembly
Consisting of the National Clubs & Academies ,the Executive Committee and the Regional Committees, the General Assembly is fully and also responsible for the administration, confirmation and organization of free and fair elections the Members of Executive Committee and the Regional Committees as per the Constitution.
All and any members and individuals attached to a registered cycling club or the Executive Committee or Regional Committee provided are registered participate and are a part of the General Assembly.

The National Team 
The Uganda National Cycling Team consists of different categories Riders from time to time depending on event type and category. These constitute Road, MTB, CycloCross, Paralympic, Indoor and Track Team. Chosen from Riders through a specific number of factors using a system of consideration from  Athlete local,regional and international competition results, age, club wins,ability to perform,club origin and performance,the National Team comprises of Riders of either Regional or National Academies or Clubs.  The team represents Uganda depending on event that is whether regional, international and may or may not from time to time include both men and women depending on category. The team also from time to team includes Team Officials, Commissaries, Team Coaches, Team Service Mechanical Personnel, Team Medical Personnel and Media Personnel, who help the athletes from time to time during the different year events. Currently the National Team Constitutes the Following different Categories. Men and Women Team Men Team Women  Team U20 Team U17 Team Paralympic Team.

National Cycling Clubs

These are regional, national clubs and academies from which the National Team Members who represent Uganda Cycling on the different events are chosen and got.
These consist and constitute the General Assembly and the different Cycling Clubs and Academies in the different Regions within the country.
They are mostly small, with a specific number of member riders who participate in regional, local and international events on behalf of there clubs and themselves.
It is from  these through competitions results that the National Team Members are chosen to represent Uganda at the International, regional and local events.

As mandated and required by the Constitution ,any and all national Clubs and Academies to organize any cycling event, front a rider from there club, or compete as a club in any local,regional or international competition must be registered and recognized by Uganda Cycling.
It is breach of Uganda Cycling laws and UCI Regulation for a club/academy or rider from any of these not to be registered and compete.

Forms on joining Uganda Cycling can be got from the downloads page
The following are the currently registered  National Cycling Clubs and Academies by region.

Team and Clubs not appearing on the list are advised to contact the General Secretary to correct register and update the club team details.


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