National Cycling Clubs

These are regional, national clubs and academies from which the National Team Members who represent Uganda Cycling on the different events are chosen and got.
These consist and constitute the General Assembly and the different Cycling Clubs and Academies in the different Regions within the country.
They are mostly small, with a specific number of member riders who participate in regional, local and international events on behalf of there clubs and themselves.
It is from  these through competitions results that the National Team Members are chosen to represent Uganda at the International, regional and local events.

As mandated and required by the Constitution ,any and all national Clubs and Academies to organize any cycling event, front a rider from there club, or compete as a club in any local,regional or international competition must be registered and recognized by Uganda Cycling.

It is breach of Uganda Cycling laws and UCI Regulation for a club/academy or rider from any of these not to be registered and compete. Forms on joining Uganda Cycling can be got from the downloads page

The following are the currently registered  National Cycling Clubs and Academies by region.
Team and Clubs not appearing on the list are advised to contact the General Secretary to correct register and update the club team details.

Visit the National Clubs Directory


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